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Leading Bulk Email Marketing Service Provider from India

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Campaign Management and Email Newsletter Design
We’ll create Concepts for you to get you engaged with your consumers through Email Marketing Campaigns.
We’ll create a Professional Design Email Campaign for you.
Sending Email Campaigns
We’ll send Email Campaigns on your behalf. We do it all from our end. You don’t require additional servers or any extra internet bandwidth.
Spam Management
We’ll use our expertise to make sure your mails aren’t marked as Spam and don’t unwittingly break any Anti-Spam laws
Bounced Mails
We will manage the emails which “bounce back” to avoid your future mails sent again.
On your behalf we will take NO as an answer, so if anyone is opting-out, he can do so without worry of getting more mails in the future.
We can Track and Measure performance of your email campaigns which can give us the idea for next campaigns.

Some of our Designed eMailers

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email newsletter design for industry
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Concept based email Campaign
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